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Good Guys features a state-of-the-art fully automated touchless car wash system that uses high power overlapping spray systems that result in better cleaning at faster cycle times, ultimately delivering a superior wash.

Benefits of a touchless car wash?


The main benefit of this type of car wash is that the paint on the car is not damaged the way it can be by car washes that use brushes. Good Guys utilizes brushless and touchless technology along with a high pressure water spray to clean the surfaces of vehicles. This is a stark contrast to typical automated car washes that require the use of sponges and brushes that can easily scratch the vehicle’s paint. Tiny particles of sand, dirt and silt become trapped within the sponges and brushes and are then pressed against the vehicle, which degrades (or scratches) the finish.


You’ll find that it cleans the entire automobile instead of merely the top and sides. Think about how difficult it is for you to clean your vehicle’s undercarriage when performing a wash in the driveway. It’s time to eliminate that burden from your life. This is especially important for those who live in an area that receives snowfall. The snowy roads are salted and vehicle tires kick the salt right up into the undercarriages of vehicles where it settles in and corrodes at the bottom of the vehicle. Rely on the advanced machinery at an automated car wash to clean this hard to reach space and eliminate all that salt, sand, dirt and grime.



Benefits of Touchless Carwashing